Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Worth A Click...

Procrastination can only take up so much of the day so I like to know which sites are worthy enough to indulge that time in. Here are some new favorites I've developed over the last few weeks...

Blogs I Follow...

1) The Season Blog - Many may already be familiar with Beverley Kendall's historical romance site, The Season. Not only is there now a Forum, there is also a Blog. Both have helped reawaken my love of the historical romance novel. There's always interesting historical-romance-themed topics, the opportunity to pick the brain of a historical romance author or two, polls, and the occassional giveaways. The Season Blog is definitely on my procrastination list.

2) Borders True Romance - Join host Sue Grimshaw and Borders online for romance galore! Not only is there video interviews with favorite romance authors the likes of Nora Roberts, J.R. Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, etc., there's the chance to interact with guests like Carly Phillips, Susan Donovan, and more! Plus some pretty great book giveaways as well. I thank Borders for putting the spotlight on romance! (I find this a great diversion for my Romance Novel TV shut-down blues...)

3) League of Reluctant Adults - This group of paranormal/urban fantasy authors uses the tagline "Paranormal. Chatty. Inappropriate." Off the wall and fun, I stop by for updates often from Jaye Wells, Molly Harper, Dakota Cassidy, Michelle Rowen, etc.! Not all that many free goodies up for grabs, but there's always paranormal-related topics being discussed and that's precisely why it makes my list. Must feed my paranormal obsession!

4) Risky Regencies - This blog is probably my current favorite. I look forward to visiting to hear the latest in Regency romance chatter from one of my current must-buys, Diane Gaston, as well as Amanda McCabe, Carolyn Jewel, and several more ladies who make it their business to know...well, risky regencies. There's always something to learn or discuss, especially if you appreciate the Regency genre as much as scores of other Austen followers.

5) Cynthia Eden's Blog - Nobody throws a virtual party better than paranormal romance and romantic suspense author Cynthia Eden! Whether it's a launch party like her 30 Days of Demons leading up to the July release of Midnight's Master or holiday celebrations like her Month of Monsters going on right now, there's always fun to be had at Cynthia's blog.

6) Murder She Writes - Move over, Angela Lansbury! The queens of romantic suspense and mystery have banded together to bring readers relevant topics every week - Allison Brennan, S.J. Day, Heather Graham, Roxanne St. Claire, Debra Webb.... Yeah, these are just a few reasons I stop by. Nobody writes murder or wisdom better than these ladies. Definitely worth a click!

7) Fresh Fiction - Fiction lovers will love Fresh Fiction. Add contests and favorite fiction authors together and I'm there! Recently, Nina Banks stopped by to discuss writing humor. Now I'm hooked. I must know what is being said every week at Fresh Fiction! Plus, they review!

8) Romancing the Blog - Romance readers and authors discuss "what's hip, what's now, what's tomorrow in the world of romance" at Romancing the Blog. I've long been a fan of this site. Guests are welcome to post during "Open Blog Nights."

9) Fierce Romance - Nobody knows better what makes romance sexy (particularly romance heroes) than the ladies of Fierce Romance. A visit to this blog gets my blood moving in the morning. Whether its eye candy, book trailers, hot topics that range anywhere from hot heroes to cover models to hot hero wardrobes and weapons, I love me some Fierce Romance! And there's usually some really juicy excerpts readers can sink their teeth into :)

10) The Roses of Prose - Of course I had to go there, lol. But hey, not only do I like posting every Monday at TRoP. I love reading what the other ladies, Kianna Alexander, Laura Breck, Lisa Lipkind Leibow, and Nancy O'Berry, have to say. They're amazing ladies I've already learned beaucoups from. I'm very happy to be a part of this site!

So readers, what're your favorite group blogs? What makes a site worth the procrastination time? I'd love to hear recommendations!


Laura Breck said...

Amber, thanks for your kind words about us Roses of Prose, and I do love to read your Monday posts!

I like a blog where the comments veer off in wild directions and you want to stay and chat all day, wondering what will happen next. I've been hanging out at Romance Writer's Revenge. They're an unpredictable crew!


Amber Leigh Williams said...

Laura, thanks for stopping by Cozy! I LOVE our Roses, especially how we all differ. And your post about Zoey was so very moving last week. Thank you for sharing :)

I enjoyed reading your RWR interview. Capt Jack... ah, I love him :) Another place where comments are wild and crazy and you have to stay to see where the party's going next is the Author Roast & Toast, hosted by some fellow TWRP authors. They're a riot! I highly recommend doing a guest spot over there, if you don't mind being made fun of too much!