Monday, April 4, 2011

DWTS Favorites...

Despite icky weather during this week's broadcast of Dancing with the Stars, I got to do my favorite Monday night thing - watch Ralph Macchio and a bunch of other people dance!

I'm kidding...sort of.... The truth is, I'm pretty impressed with this season's cast members' skills. The guys especially seem to be bringing the sparkly rhinestone panache to the ballroom. Most unexpected, in my opinion, is wrestler Chris Jericho. I enjoy watching singer Romeo, too. And we'll get to my favorite karate kid later. This week the stars took on some emotional material by choosing the song most meaninful to them. Some of my favorite dances from past seasons have been the ones with a personal touch or tribute. Chris Jericho and Hines Ward both danced rhumbas dedicated to their mothers, which turned out to be more sweet than weird - an overall win. Hines even pulled into the top spot with model Petra Nemcova right behind him.

Kirstie Alley was too embarrassed to bring the sexy to her rhumba, believe it or not, which she dedicated to her parents (to the tune of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"). A stumble from Maks - shocker! - made them tumble from the top of the leader board while Playboy bunny Kendra Wilkinson moved up. Most touching of the night might have been Romeo's tribute to his cousins who both died at a very young age with Jackson 5's "I'll Be There."

I know Hines did well, but because of those dang weather alerts I didn't get to see him dance. Darn it! He's my second favorite star this season. It's week three and I'm still rooting first and foremost for Team Kamachio!

Just when you think Ralph Macchio can't get any cuter, we find out he's been married for twenty-four years. This week's rhumba coincided with their wedding anniversary so he chose the song "Stay Gold" from The Outsiders (his break-out role), which was played at the wedding. I don't know what was sweeter - the '80's wedding reel or Ralph kissing his wife's hand at the end of the dance. Despite the fact that he and Karina moved down the leader board this week, watching them perform never fails to make me smile and it's the reason I'm tuning in every Monday and Tuesday night!

Quote of the night goes once again to Tom Bergeron: "Later tonight Len goes to the wizard for a heart."

So, readers, for some DWTS-related fun, which meaningful song would you have chosen to dance to this week? Mine would probably be Sinatra's "Just the Way You Look Tonight" (from the first dance at my wedding five years ago). And because I love spreading the cheer, I dare you not to smile when you watch Team Kamacchio's week one Foxtrot....


marybelle said...

I have never been a fan of DWTS. If I were to dance, for whatever reason this week, I would choose anything Michael Buble. That man's singing just melts my heart & makes me smile.

Amber Leigh Williams said...

Hi Marybelle! I LOVE Michael Buble's music - he makes me smile, too :)